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Cape Cod being a coastal community is prone to severe storms. These storms can leave behind quite a mess depending on their severity. Severe storms are only one of many disaster scenarios that Cape Cod homeowners face. Unfortunately all homeowners may be subject to a disaster at their home. Severe storm damage, a fire and/or smoke damage, water damage from flooding rains, broken or frozen pipes, etc… are all possibilities.

After Storm Cleanup:

Once the storm has passed there are usually lots of trees and debris to cleanup and you may require structural repairs to your home or property. Finding folks that can provide after storm cleanup services that include removal of destroyed items, dumpster or container rentals, clean-up & repairs can be tough after a storm. Contractors that can provide storm cleanup and repair services such as roofing repairs, excavation and bobcat services will be very busy at this point.

Severe storm damage may require a visit by an engineer or building inspector to determine the structural integrity of the building and may require a demolition contractor to remove all or part of the damaged structure.

Before a storm damages your home you should consider having your home retrofitted against storm damage or at the very least getting a storm preparedness assessment.

Water Damage:

Severe storms and broken or frozen pipes can cause water damage to your home and will likely require you to have the water removal done by a professional outfit. You may also need to hire a flooring contractor and/or a professional carpet cleaner as well as a painting contractor.

Fire & Smoke Damage:

A fire can be a devastating scenario to a homeowner even if no one is injured or even home at the time. Fires often leave home uninhabitable because of damage from the flames or smoke and water damage. Water may need to be removed before any repairs can be made to the home. At the very least you may require cleaning services, a carpet cleaning and a house painter.

Hopefully you will not need any of these services.

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